Payday 2 Switch Update 117 is an older build than PC

Starbreeze have confirmed to Polygon that Payday 2 on Switch is running the Most Wanted update from June 2017.

This means that it’s at least eight months of updates behind the PC version of the game. Currently, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are running an update from the end of 2017.

Several people have been playing the game in advance of review and suggesting there are some issues with the port, including dated UI and graphics, which set off discussions on the sub-reddit and led to Starbreeze making comment.

They said.

“The reasoning for the Switch content: we’re making continuous updates to a game that’s turning five years old this year, and to get the game out in early 2018 on Switch meant that our team had to go with the content ported and available at the time of console submission,”

“The PS4 and Xbox One versions are now almost up to par with PC content, and Switch is close behind those versions. There are future content updates planned for Switch, as well.”

Payday 2 has been confirmed to run at 1080p when docked and 720p in handheld. The game should run at a stable 30fps either way.

Payday 2 releases on Switch February 23.

(Source: Polygon)

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