Puzzmo is an unmissable daily collection of puzzles with a very exciting future ahead

Puzzmo is my new puzzle addiction and is fast becoming my go-to daily destination for brainteasers.

It brings together a selection of fun puzzle games on one page in your browser, gives you a daily score, lets you play certain games with your friends so you can solve them together and even has leaderboards if you become a subscriber.

So far, it feels great. But you get the feeling this has the potential to be bigger, better and it will inevitably grow into something quite special indeed. More puzzles, more people. And maybe even embedding all your favourite puzzles on there. Imagine having your daily Worldle on there. Or getting some Knotwords. Perhaps some Sudoku. You can play all your favourite games in one hub, via one platform, without having to go anywhere else. Sounds perfect.

For now, the games are like a ‘Best of’ collection from Zach Gage, the genius behind many great apps you’ve probably played at some point over the last few years like SpellTower and Really Bad Chess. So what we’re presented with is the Sunday Times Puzzle Page with a very distinct twist.

All games are optional, it’s entirely up to you what you play but the more you do play and complete, the higher your score gets so you can feature in the leaderboards. Not feeling particularly good at Chess? That’s fine. But if you do keep playing, then you can even get graded on your individual performance on that game, compete with any friends you’ve made and more importantly challenge yourself to get better, completing it in the fewest moves possible.

It’s a decent spread of games, too. Admittedly, most are word focused, like Typeshift which has you trying to complete words by turning every letter solid across a series of revolving columns. But they all have their own distinct flavour.

Such as the classic Cross|word. Which is Crosswords but with a nice twist. This one can have multiple words within an answer, abbreviations are often used and the entire grid can also be themed. You also get two hints per answer with an extra hint should you need it. But the part where Puzzmo really shines is in inviting a friend to play the Cross|word with you.

You can host a game, invite someone you’ve befriended in app or send them an invite link via their chosen messaging service like WhatsApp or Messenger and they will live join your game as you solve the clues together. It’s now my favourite and preferred way to do crosswords, especially if you’re both on your phones in the same room. But even if you’re not, there’s a chat function you can talk through.

And the best part? When it’s completed, it’s completed for both of you. None of this, only the host gets the rewards business. Wonderful!

Setting up an account is really easy going, simply adding in a username and selecting an avatar. Then the more time you spend with Puzzmo, the more stats you build up on there, so you’re really going to want to keep a tight grip on it.

Site-wide, you can see how many points you’ve earned total, the hours you’ve spent and words found. But this breaks down even further on the individual games, telling you about your streaks, how many hints you’ve used, what’s your fastest win etc.

Then once you’re in, you can search for your friends and build a little list of contacts. There’s even a Groups option where you can create collective chats with multiple friends in-game. Although you do have to be a subscriber for that.

Not everything is free in Puzzmo and there are certain features only available to those willing to pay an upfront fee. The good news is the costs don’t break the bank. In fact, you can get a lifetime subscription to the service for just $40. It’s a bargain at a limited launch offer and when you consider there’s going to be daily content, there will almost certainly be more puzzles added, plus you get a few extra bonus puzzles a day to build up your score, the benefits certainly outweigh the cost.

Alternatively, you can spend $40 to get an annual subscription, BUT this also gives you a second annual subscription you can gift to a friend. So if two of you are having a blast, this is the cheapest way to get it all and share the love.

And if you do spend, there’s also an Archive you can dive into and play the previous day’s games, anytime you want. There also won’t be any ads on site, and you can even get more avatar options outside the standard batch provided with the free version. The platform also does a magnificent job in tracking your stats, giving daily news blasts across the entire playerbase of Puzzmo, but also telling you when you achieve personal bests. It’s a real boost for morale.

What’s clear is that the designers are passionate about puzzles. So passionate, in fact, when we were supplied an early access code for the game we had to solve a puzzle in order to get in, solving a series of riddles to get the missing characters. I loved it. It actually got me mentally prepared for what was behind the curtain and it’s clear this team have ideas for days (and days) to keep the daily content train going.

For me, diving into this daily is worth it just for the co-operative crosswords alone, but Puzzmo seems destined to be the definitive destination for all things puzzles. Need to entertain yourself on a long train ride? As long as you have a browser, you have a way in. In a zoom call for work and the conversation isn’t relevant to you, open a new tab and complete your daily puzzles.

The interface adapts to the device you’re on, using tap on your phone or intuitive keyboard / mouse controls for a laptop. And who knows what the future holds, maybe these will end up on consoles too. Or playable via TV apps. The possibilities are endless for Puzzmo and I feel honored to be seeing the game at such an early stage in development.

For now, roll out is staggered. You can register interest on the site (www.puzzmo.com) and about 500 codes are being released a day. However, if you know someone who got in, they’ll have invite codes they can share with friends, so that might help you skip the line. If you ask nicely.

If you’ve already been bitten by the bug of daily puzzle games like Worlde or Quordle. Or you love Zach Gage’s unique blend of puzzle solving, this is absolutely perfect for you. And will surely be a great companion for you, good days and bad, for a long time to come.

We’ll be continuing coverage for this one over the course of its lifespan and even providing some guides and solutions should you need them.

Puzzmo is rolling out in early access and can be played in your browser on PC, Phone or Tablet. 500 Codes are released on Puzzmo.com every day. 

Code kindly provided by the Puzzmo Team

Tested on a variety of different platforms (All work great!)

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