Puzzmo Guide 22/10 – Typeshift, SpellTower, Really Bad Chess and Cross|Words

Puzzmo is the exciting daily puzzle-em-up from Zach Gage and Hearst Papers.

Every day, new puzzles are added to the site, you’re given a daily score and can compete with the rest of the world on the leaderboards. While there’s hints for most of the games, sometimes an additional helping hand might be required. That’s where we come in!

Here’s solutions for some of today’s puzzles to give you a bit of guidance.

Keep in mind – there are almost certainly better solutions to each of these games that will give you more points so always give it a go first. However, if you’re completely stuck and out of ideas, this should get you through the day.

Really Bad Chess





Did we help? Or perhaps you got a better score? Let us know below. 

Puzzmo is rolling out now at puzzmo.com

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