Resident Evil 2 DLC may be on the way

Resident Evil 2 Remake will finally launch later this week on January 25th but it seems like Capcom won’t stop there.

In an interview with Saudi Gamer, the Director of the Project, Kazunori Kadoi and Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, indicate that they are strongly considering some DLC for Resident Evil 2.

Asked the direct question, Hirabayshi said “With this title, we have some time. Currently I and Kazaunori Kadoi are discussing the possibility of providing additional content to the fans after launch,”

That certainly sounds very promising! While there’s nothing to officially announce, it seems like there’s definitely a possibility the highly anticipated remake may have more to offer us down the road.

While we’re unlikely to get any co-operative focused DLC ala Resident Evil Zero, because Capcom want to remain faithful to the original experience, there’s a strong possibility there could be a VR mode added in down the road considering Capcom are using the RE Engine which powered Resident Evil 7.

It’s also possible we might get some new cosmetic items, which definitely seems likely. Additional costumes for Leon and Claire would make plenty of sense.

Or dare we hope for more narrative DLC focused around some of the secondary characters in the game? Perhaps Sherry Birkin might get a small campaign, or maybe Ada Wong? Something to bridge the gap to a Resident Evil 3 Remake perhaps?

Of course, it could always be some good old fashioned time trial, shooting gallery content. Who knows what Capcom are thinking, but it’s great to hear they definitely have some ideas for prolonging the experience.

Let us know what kind of DLC you’d like to see for Resident Evil 2 Remake and look forward to some more coverage from us later this week!

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