Resident Evil 2 DLC The Ghost Survivors gets new details

The PlayStation Blog has given us a bit more insight into The Ghost Survivors DLC for Resident Evil 2 coming on February 15th.

They tell us that the DLC will be similar to 4th Survivor Mode and that it has a similar premise in that you need to escape Raccoon City. This time, though, you’ve got three characters who did not survive that terrifying night. Thus the ‘What if’ Scenario at play.

There will be a Training Mode with a lowered difficulty and additional items for you to get through a bit easier. Additionally, new trophies and challenges are being added in as part of The Ghost Survivors. Complete one and you’ll get new accessories for your characters, like masks and cuddly toys.

Each scenario also plays out a bit differently with No Time To Mourn featuring Robert Kendo, owner of the Gun Shop Kendo. His story begins when a helicopter radios to pick him up, so he packs whatever weapons he can and fights back. His story introduces a new poison type zombie to fight against.

Runaway, meanwhile, is sort of a prequel to Resident Evil 2, as you play the Mayor’s Daughter, Katherine. She is also trying to escape Racoon City, but will need to defeat a unique kind of mutated zombie to do so, using a very unique type of ammo.

Finally, Forgotten Soldier has you play a U.S.S agent called Ghost, who is making his Resident Evil debut.

We’ll have more on The Ghost Survivors when it drops this Friday!

(Source PS Blog)

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