Resident Evil 4 Seperate Ways DLC is Now Available

It’s a pretty big week for DLC and updates, with both Resident Evil and Cyberpunk 2077 getting new additional content.

Resident Evil 4 is launching its long awaited DLC – Separate Ways – today, retelling Ada Wong’s story within the context of the remake.

Available across all formats, you will see Ada’s story intersect with Leon’s at key, critical moments, adding in new gameplay mechanics to compliment the experience.

A free update also adds new content for The Mercenaries, introducing both Ada and Albert Wesker as playable characters.

Seperate Ways is a reimagining of the original bonus content found in Resident Evil 4 as Ada Wong ‘infiltrates the European village controlled by Los Iluminados under orders from Albert Wesker’.

Ada’s story runs in parallel with Leon’s and in Seperate Ways you can use Ada’s Grappling Gun to not only ‘dismantle enemy defenses’ but you can also ‘launch melee takedowns from a distance’. This also, of course, lets you travel vast distances as well.

The DLC is available now and is accompanied by a sale for Resident Evil 4. Which we placed in our Top 10 games of the half year and is definitely well worth your time.

Seperate Ways is out now.

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