Returnal: Ascension adds co-op in a new free update from today

The fantastic Returnal has got some new content and you can download it right now.

Adding a co-operative element to the game is something fans have been clamouring for since launch and that’s exactly what Returnal: Ascension offers.

Best part? It’s free if you already own the game.

Another player can join your session online through Chronosis providing they have a PS+ subscription. Hosts will get to keep any progress made with another player, and the joining player gets some cool upgrades.

Additions to their Scout Rank, Weapon Traits and Databank are added and it doesn’t just mean you have to bring in another player for big boss battles as they’re scattered throughout the levels.

A new mechanic now lets you revive a downed player, while planets will be rebalanced to suit two players working together side by side.

There’s also some new UI, HUD, and Design updates to make the experience run smoothly

Returnal: Ascension is exclusive to PS5 and is available today as a free update.

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