Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is a hardcore throwback that has ported wonderfully to today’s hardware

Put this one under remasters I never thought I’d see in 2023.

Rise of the Triad is about as obscure an FPS as it gets with a very niche audience and out there premise. It came out in the golden era of shooters, got heavily lost in the shuffle and so was always seen as that other shooter with enemies that are definitely not nazis.

This ludicrous edition from Nightdive – who really love their classic shooters – is more than your usual remaster, though. Not just restoring old content, upping it to 4K, remapping controls, and giving everything a modern-day coat, but adding new content in collaboration with the original designers.

The result is a package that’s fantastic value for money, but oh so incredibly difficult. This is the throwback to the rough-house era of FPS that you either really wanted or you’re not in the least bit prepared for. There’s really no middle ground.

Rise of the Triad throws enemies at you from all angles, thrusts unexpected traps on you at every turn, and prepares some tricky platforming sections that can send you sailing off the map to your doom or slipping up for fancy footwork.

It’s something ROTT does differently from other shooters that launched at the time, allowing you to choose between various characters – each with different properties – but also really requiring precision, having eyes in the back of your head and preparing to adapt at a moment’s notice. The game was pretty daring and the challenge of the content still holds up surprisingly well.

It’s actually incredibly impressive the developers are maintaining the same sense of style, a retro FPS with true aiming, quick movement, with bare-bones story, Rise of the Triad still finds a way to work in a modern day market and probably has access to a larger audience base now than it ever did.

That’s the most fascinating thing about this Ludicrous Edition, actually. It feels more relevant today than it ever did and has likely aged better than other shooters it was overshadowed by in the past.

It’s not going to be for everyone, it’s sure as hell going to annoy most, but Rise of the Triad is a phenomenal port and yet again another testament to how much Nightdive Studios care about the preservation of the industry and building it to fit a modern audience.

If you’re looking for a challenge at an attractive price point with a ton of content and want to really know what shooters of the era were like at their worst, this is the package you want. Or don’t. But you’ll certainly have an experience to remember all the same.


Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition is brutal and a stark reminder of the challenges of shooters from the 90s. It’s also a very full and fulfilling package with four episodes, full 4K support, controller rebinding and even some online multiplayer. At an attractive price point, this is fantastic value for money, but it definitely won’t be a game for everyone. Regardless, Night Dive Studios have yet again proven their understanding, care and attention to detail for the classics and making sure everyone has the opportunity to experience them at their absolute best.


+ Fantastic value for money with four episodes
+ Recreated and ported wonderfully for modern day PC and consoles
+ Nice blend of platforming with shooting


– Brutal challenge that just won’t be for everyone
– Some content a bit repetitive

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is coming to Xbox and PS on September 26. Out now on PC

Code Kindly Provided by Night Dive for review purposes

Tested on Xbox Series X

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