RPG Maker VX Ace Steam Workshop support now available

Since RPG Maker first launched on Steam, one of the biggest requests from fans was to integrate with Steam Workshop so that they could share their resources and projects. The good news? That’s now a reality. RPG Maker VX Ace allows you to share resources, games and projects with the rest of the world. There’s even an abundance of free content already available for people to download.

In addition, there is a massive RPG Maker and DLC sale this midweek. Titles will be up to 75% and there will also be giveaways and contests for users who use the new workshop.

The new update adds multiple tileset support, full autoshadow control and a flexible features system. The update hopes to make it easier for RPG Maker developers to offer their games through a centralized hub for game developers to promote their game and receive feedback.


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