Sherlock Holmes The Awakened has gone Gold, various editions and DLC announced

Frogwares have defied the odds and put a date on Sherlock Holmes The Awakened across all formats.

The fantastic milestone has been achieved for the Ukranian studio, bringing their latest Sherlock Holmes adventure to market on April 11.

There’s a brand new gameplay trailer today for the Chtlhu-inspired remade adventure with all pre-orders receiving the Sleuth’s Attire Cosmetic Set, providing Holmes with three new costumes to wear during his travels.

Additionally, there are three editions launching across various formats. All platforms can either get the Standard Edition or a Deluxe Edition which offers the full game, 6 exclusive outfits and some undisclosed side quest packs.

PC owners can also pick up a Premium Edition which includes a digital artbook and soundtrack.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened launches 11 across all major formats.

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