Spiritfarer to get three sets of free DLC through 2021

The stellar indie hit, Spiritfarer, is going to be getting extensive free DLC throughout 2021.

Three DLC packs are planned in Spring, Summer, and the Fall, and all three packs will be free for existing players.

The Lily Update in Spring will add Stella as a new spirit friend. She’s a ‘ferry master for the deceased’ and her flowers will attract butterflies to form another new spirit to befriend – Lily.

There will also be a ‘brand new UI and the option to do co-op fishing’.

In the Summer will be the Beverly update, which adds an Archive Room to the game and players will be able to store ‘Acetate Sheets’ as a new collectible. This will also come with more quality of life updates.

To cap things off, the Jackie and Daria update adds a new island to Spiritfarer. Jackie will be a caretaker looking after Daria who will be a patient.

Spiritfarer is a lovely indie game and is now available across all major formats. No word on exact release dates for each of the content updates.

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