SportsBar VR adds Chess, Checkers and Shuffleboard

A huge new update for Sports Bar VR has gone live which adds new games and tweaks existing functionality.

A series of pub games, SportsBar VR lets players experience darts, pool and air hockey amongst other classic titles. You can even materialise bottles of beer on a whim.

The update focuses on player feedback and adds various AI tweaks as well as physics based toys.

Three new games have also been added – Chess, Shuffleboard and Checkers.

Cherry pop Games will continually improve and update SportsBar VR with new additions and updates.

The new update also lets you throw new virtual toys around such as a ping pong ball, a baseball. Even an American football.

The update and full game is available right now and we’ll have some full coverage for you very soon! For now, check out this trailer.

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Jay Jones

Jay is a massive football fan - Manchester Utd in case you were wondering - and lover of gaming. He'll play just about anything, but his vice is definitely Ultimate Team.
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