Star Trek Online Boldly Going In New Directions

Star Trek Online may have gone free to play, but that doesn’t mean it’s energizing away anytime soon. Newcomer, Picto Pirate, investigates.

There are big things brewing at Cryptic Studios. 2013 is set to be a big year in the Star Trek universe with a bevvy of new content being released. February should see a minor release coincide with the three year anniversary, with Season 8 beaming down in May.

Following the Romulan expansion in season 7, the Klingons will be sailing their warbirds into battle for season 8. Executive producer, Dan Stahl, promises the pasty heads will finally “get some love” in 2013. Season 8 will have more than just angry bat’leth wielders,with new missions, a new adventure zone and an exciting mystery  feature yet to be revealed (it could be anything, even a boat).

There will also be a mid-year event along the lines of December’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ that allows players to engage in the futuristic art of snow ball fighting against genetically enhanced (I presume, anyway, as we’re talking about the future) snowmen

If all that wasn’t enough, season 9 is set to appear this winter, with even more missions to boldly go on.

With all these exciting things happening in the Star Trek Online universe, there has never been a better time to slip on your command shirt and hide behind the guy in red.

(Source: Cryptic Studios)

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