Strange Brigade The Thrice Damned DLC Campaign begins with Isle of the Dead

Strange Brigades’ first of three major DLC packs – Isle of the Dead – has released today.

The Strange Brigade have been called to investigate the uncharted waters of the Mediterranean with the rumours of an outbreak and coming plague.

Sure enough, the army of the undead have banded together to launch flaming cannonballs and slice you to pieces with a deadly cutlass.

Fortunately, you have some back up in the form of Tessie Caldwell as part of the American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack. She comes equipped with a Colbeck Wildfire SMG, Hyde & Sons pistol, Glacier Bomb and Infernal Firestorm Amulet Power.


Isle of the Dead can be purchased seperately for £5.59 as can the American Aviatrix Pack at £6.39. Alternatively, they can all be purchased as part of The Thrice Damned Season Pass.

Our full coverage of Isle of the Dead and the rest of the Strange Brigade Season Pass will be coming shortly so stay tuned!

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