Tetris Effect offers digital DLC for pre-orders

Tetris Effect is just around the corner and if you pre-order now, you’ll bag yourself some fantastic goodies.

Releasing on November 9th, if you preorder you’ll receive a digital discount on the game up till the launch date. If you’re a PS+ subscriber, you can get the game for £31.49

You can also get a code to download the seven-track original soundtrack sampler, including Connected Yours Forever. Which, if you haven’t heard yet, is just the purest thing. In fact, stop what you’re doing and watch this video now. It’s gorgeous.

There will also be seven different avatars for PSN owners, all based in-game avatars which can be earned as you play. And finally a PS4 Dynamic theme which features the Connected song as well as a recreation of ‘The Deep’ stage of Tetris Effect.

The game looks absolutely incredible and is sure to be something special, especially since it’s playable for PSVR and comes from the creator of Rez Infinite and Lumines.

Tetris Effect releases exclusively on PS4 on November 9th.

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