Sunless Skies gets over 50 fixes, future DLC will offer more narrative choice and unique deaths

Sunless Skies has proven to be a commercial success for Failbetter Games and the company is ready to support it for the long haul.

A major update has recently gone live complete with 50+ fixes, including some of all-important UI fixes. For example, sometimes the level up indicator would temporarily disappear when selecting a new facet, and the close button on the bazaar interface is now correctly aligned.

Failbetter have also provided some controller fixes, with closing side panels no longer removing focus from the center panel, and the possibility of cancelling out before equipping an item.

The recent patch also works on some content fixes, like Heart-Catchers charging for their service, and the Clay Conductor’s storyline can always be completed, no matter what.

You can read the full update here

Meanwhile, Failbetter Games are preparing a major update, due for release in March/April time. This will give players ‘more to see and do while travelling’ and include ‘more narrative choice and consequence’

And, of course, there will be even more unusual ways to die.

Failbetter Games appear to be in excellent financial health following the release of Sunless Skies and the game is continuing to evolve and grow. We’ll have much more on Sunless Skies very soon!

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