Tangledeep gets first full DLC Expansion with Prequel Legend of Shara on April 11

Tangledeep is about to receive a major expansion on April 11 which adds a new job, character, story, and monsters.

Legend of Shara is a proper full blown expansion for $7.19 following the game’s launch out of early access in Summer 2018.

In Legend of Shara, players will experience a prequel set before the story in the base game centered around Mirai.

Dialogue and bosses have been changed, but there’s also no town, meta progress or job system. This time, you spend JP to level up stats.

Now you learn abilities by opening Pandora boxes or resting at campfires, with the Calligrapher being added as the 13th job and the Mysterious Wanderer coming in as a new character.

The massive new content update releases April 11.

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