The future of I-gaming

I-gaming has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so, since the invention of smartphones. A number of video games have incorporated I-gaming into their gameplay such as; Guild Wars 2. The gameplay of Guild Wars 2 allows players to gamble their items such as gold or dye. The most popular form of gambling within Guild Wars 2 is the legendary weapon precursor chase.

Why have game developers started to implement these kinds of mini games within their titles? Gambling is fun, fundamentally. The brain’s reward system is activated by gambling and it therefore keeps people engaged.



A report compiled by Statista shows that online gaming has grown from a global net revenue of $7.4 billion in 2003 to $41.4 billion is 2015. Initially, I-gaming providers were only able to provide a couple of slot games alongside some video poker. Now, providers like Betway are able to provide a much more sophisticated range of games which appeal to a much larger audience.




The Grand Theft Auto DLC updates have caused a lot of online speculation. The biggest rumour to surface every time Rockstar announce a new DLC is that players will be able to access the casino, and potentially gamble their in-game money. Some users have found a glitch within the program which allows them to enter the casino, however, there is still no confirmation that this will ever actually be released. But with so much demand for it, Rockstar surely would be foolish not to cash in on this?

Online gaming providers have turned more to themed video games rather than classic casino style gaming as video slots can easily be adapted to match any theme. There are Batman slots, slots based on films such as Bridesmaids and Jurassic Park as well as music and sports themed games. These kinds of games are more appealing to people who don’t typically gamble.

I think that I-gaming operators will move further away from classic card games you would typically see at a casino and try to create more interactive games for users. This trend can already be seen by the number of different slot games that are now being provided.

By adding a theme to such games, they then become appealing to a whole new demographic. It is likely that more video games will try to introduce aspects of I-gaming to boost profits and keep players coming back for more. Guild Wars 2 has shown developers how popular gambling really is and how it can be incorporated into any kind of gaming.

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