Thief 4 Focus System Will Not Be Compulsory

Thief 4 has been a long time coming and long terms fans are worried that the focus system is going to completely ruin the game for them. We’re here to tell you the good news.

The focus system has been a plague on fans minds since it was announced. Well, that plague will finally be over now as Eidos Montreal game director, Nick Cantin eases our worries.

Focus was originally described as

Garrett’s ability to focus and speed up his reaction times.

This was a concern for many and some thought it could potentially ruin the stealth mechanics that the first three games tried so hard to maintain. When asked about the Thief 4 focus system Nick responded with this

But, it’s not something that you’re forced to use. It’s something that you manage, something that is one of the tools at Garrett’s disposal that he can use to tackle the various situations he is confronted with.

What a relief.  It seems that the system won’t overpower Garrett as much as previously thought. Hardcore fans will still be able to set themselves a challenge by limiting themselves to just Garrett’s basic abilities if they wish to do so.



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