Third Major XCOM Patch goes live

Another major patch has been released for XCOM.

Developers, Firaxis, have released the third major patch for XCOM just one day after the launch of new DLC, Second Wave.

Firaxis have said that the new update fixes ‘a couple of major issues including the AI teleport bug and the defeat screen when beating the game’.

For more details on Second Wave, check out our earlier news post

If you haven’t gotten to XCOM yet, you definitely should. It’s a refreshing change of pace from other console games, and one where you can lose an insane amount of hours! If that doesn’t inspire you, then lead designer Jake Solomon has said to expect more DLC for the game in 2013.

“We do have more content coming in 2013,” he told Polygon. “We’re working on something really awesome.” Solomon also assured that the next DLC wouldn’t have the “limited scope” of the Slingshot DLC.

(Source: Firaxis, Polygon)




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