Third Titan Quest DLC Expansion Atlantis out now on consoles

Players will be able to take a trip to Atlantis in the latest Titan Quest DLC.

Out now on PS4 and Xbox One, there’s a whole new storyline awaiting players for $19.99.

In the new main quest line, you will be able to venture to the pillars of Hercules and beyond.

The trailer shows you fighting intidimating spider looking creatures and even hints at a dragon at the end.

Titan Quest is playable solo or with up to six players in co-op.

Additionally, a new Endless Mode – Tartarus – has been added, which is a wave-based challenge with random elements changing up the gameplay.

The expansion also adds Expanded Masteries and a Casino merchant to spend excess money.

Titan Quest Atlantis is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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