Track progress with your Pokémon Go Buddy with brilliant new browser checker

One of the brilliant recent features in Pokémon Go is the ability to build a relationship with your Buddy and reap unique rewards.

By feeding your buddy treats, walking with them, playing, and battling with them, you can build your relationship over a period of days.

As a reward, your buddy will go and collect gifts and items for you, they’ll bounce your Pokeball at a Mon you’re trying to catch if it’s deflected, and you can even get a +1 Level Boost for them in PVP.

It’s a brilliant feature, that’s proven quite essential during these difficult and challenging times, but there is a slight flaw.

Unlike your friendships with other trainers, it’s harder to work out just how long it will take you to become Best Buddies because the game doesn’t tell you how many days before you reach each milestone.

Thankfully, Kitsune Kurisu has created a new browser-based Buddy Progress Checker where you can scan an in-game screenshot, it will analyse the data and tell you how long it will take you to reach Best Buddies.

This video shows you how it all works.

It works a treat and is massively useful while we wait for Niantic to put something together in-game, but as if that’s not enough, Kitsune Kurisu has also created an awesome IV Rank Checker for PVP.

Want to check your progress with your buddy? Visit the site here.

(Via Kitsune Kurisu)

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