GRID 2 goes old school with new mode

There’s nothing like a double negative for a headline, is there? But, yes! GRID fans, brace yourselves. GRID 2 is about to bring back a classic mode and give it to you for absolutely bloody nothing.

You won’t get a deal that good on Portobello Road, lemme tell you.

What mode, I hear you cry? Let me give you a hint….



Sorry. That was about as subtle as a ten-ton anvil.

But the good news is that all those lovely noises are coming back with newly-formed physics and furious anger.

And you know who you’ve got to thank for this mode? You. Yes, you. You. You. Every one of YOU. Codies are bringing this back due to Community feedback. There’s no release date as yet, but expect more news in the coming weeks.

There’s lots more news as well. Expect two new track packs with some of the most requested circuits. The packs will also contain cars, and achievements.

Add to that an extensive Community Patch full of, unsurprisingly, Community feedback.

The patch is expected to be released next month, but will feature some interesting adjustments.

Firstly, the Custom Playlist will increase the amount of money and experience provided for taking part. Players will no longer be penalised for wanting to opt out of Online Playlists and they’ll be able to race the way they want with no hindrance to online progression.

Then comes a Hardcore Playlist. This will remove the use of flashbacks and turn on full mechanical damage. It will also prioritise race events around circuits. Go hard or go home!

Oh, and that online Level Cap? Yeah, that’s being lifted. From 30 to 99!

Fastest lap times will also display at the end of an event while playing online. There will be custom liveries and a whole host of new designs, including some of the AI designs from the campaign.

The maximum amount of laps has been boosted from 5 to 10. Veto Weighting has also been changed and is considered more ‘fair’. This will only require 51% of the lobby to make a vote for a change to occur.

Microphones will be able to be muted during play and also a Country Flag will be displayed next to the name plate while racing and on the event results screen.

Even more. Players will earn more money for racing clean and players will also be able to skip the Level up graphic at the end of each race for speed and fluidity.

Finally, and most importantly, some big changes have been made to the anti-cheat system. No further details have been supplied at this time, but expect a complete overhaul on that front.

On top of that, the Steam Leaderboards will be cleared of erroneous times being displayed as a result of a bug and exploit that was recently patched, allowing people to set abnormal times. Feedback pending, this update is also expected on consoles very soon.

It’s a good time to be a GRID 2 fan, that’s for sure!


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