World of Warcraft 7.1.5 will add timewalking dungeons and fight club

World of Warcraft Legion has been out since August and the massive Karazhan patch hit just two weeks ago, but Blizzard are only just getting started with their MMO behemoth.

With the upcoming 7.1.5 patch, there will be further daily activities for players, in addition to new Timewalking dungeons based on those introduced in Mists of Pandaria.

There will be new rewards on offer from these classic dungeons such as additional item skins. The difficulty will be scaled to ensure bosses and monsters match your new level, ensuring these areas give you new reasons to revisit.


The patch will also see the return of The Brawler’s Guild from Warlords of Draenor. This Fight Club esque addition will have new social options and solo encounters. You’ll also have a feature called Rumble where players queued for an arena are brought together to fight a big boss. There’ll also be new rewards such as a ballisk mount and an all new currency.

The patch is also going to add new events known as micro-holidays which make day-to-day activity in Warcraft more interesting for the every day user. This might require players to revisit certain areas in the game to get reward or gathering collectibles as part of festivities.

There will also be some small class changes for all classes in Warcraft but further details will follow on this.

No word on when the update will release though it’s possible it could drop before years’ end.

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