Zombie Army 4: Dead War will have a full Season of DLC

With the imminent release of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, a full Season of content will also arrive post-launch.

Zombie Army 4 will have ‘Season 1’ Content, including a mini campaign known as HELL CULT which adds three new missions for up to 4 players.

Season 1 will add new characters, weapon bundles, skin packs and outfits.

The trailer indicates Season 1 will be a three part campaign that centers around a dangerous relic which seems to be summoning the dead, while new enemies appear to include bat-like creatures.

On top of all that, Rebellion will release free Horde Maps during the release schedule of Season 1.

Season 1 content, in full, includes.

  • 3 new campaign missions
  • 4 character packs
  • 9 weapon bundles
  • 5 weapon skin packs
  • 4 character outfit bundles


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