CODE VEIN Hellfire Knight DLC is now available, DLC 2 and 3 set for February and March

Bandai Namco’s CODE VEIN has just received its first DLC – Hellfire Knight.

Available from today, players can now dive into a new side story with an epic boss battle.

As you team up with other Revenants, you can also customise your character with new items including a blazing hammer that sits on the shoulder.

The environment is very desert like with abandoned ruins, huge cliffs and statues. But the lair of the Hellfire Knight itself is quite different.

Seemingly made of ashen white, the creature itself looks horrifying and is sure to be more than a challenge for even seasoned CODE VEIN players.

Hellfire Knight is part of the Season Pass, with two more DLCS due to arrive in February and March time respectively.


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