Xbox One


Xbox One System Update goes live

An Xbox One System Update went live yesterday and can automatically download if your console is in a low power state. It will also automatically download, even if you’re not at home and the console is in stand-by. Pretty handy (if you don’t mind leaving the plugs on when you’re…

As We Play

Skylanders Swap Force: As We Play

As we play offers the thought strands of the reviewer as they’re going through the game. This offers unique content for the reader so they can come to understand the conflicting feelings of the reviewer as they’re playing a game for the very first time. All feedback on this concept is welcome….


A Night at the VGX Awards 2013

A Night at the VGX Awards 2013 So, Sunday December 7th saw the return of the illustrious VGX game awards. The three hour long show started at 6pm ET, translating at 11pm UK time. I settled down with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and with some big expectations, tuned…