AC Initiates Pack 15 adds new landing page and level widget

AC Initiates Pack 15 has finally released and makes some significant changes, both cosmetically and structurally.

First up, there’s a new landing page that offers a dynamic scrolling preview of all content.

There’s also a new level widget design which can be accessed through the Overview tab in the top right. It shows more in-depth level progress and displayed XP under the level display. It also shows XP relative to the next level.

There are also three new members on the Envoy roster, as well as some bug fixes, such as behind the scenes fixes to the Reward System and Sychronisation tools.

There are still some known issues being worked. They are, as follows…

  • Reward System: Reaching Level 3 may not auto activate the associated Level 3 Bundle pop-up. If this happens – please log out, log back in and perform a manual synch.
  • Reward System: Those redeeming ULC form codes included with The Vial have the possibility of receiving none of the associated content. Should this happen, please email using the title “The Vial ULC” and include your Uplay username and proof of purchase.
  • Promotions: Some community members may still not be receiving ULC codes via email. If this applies to you please email using the title “Promo code email issue” for cross checking purposes and to allow our team to reissue undelivered codes.

(via AC Initiates)

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