Killzone Shadowfall Multiplayer DLC Will Be Free!

For all of you planning on picking Sony’s big name shooter ‘Killzone Shadowfall’ on launch of PS4, you can expect to be playing the multiplayer for just that little bit longer and completely free of charge!In a blog post released today by the Killzone: Shadowfall developers Guerilla Games, it was revealed today that all the multiplayer DLC for the new Killzone title will be released free of charge in order not to fragment the online player base.

“We aim to keep the post-launch multiplayer experience fresh through the frequent release of paid DLC expansion packs that offer new gameplay and customization features. At the same time, all DLC multiplayer maps will be released free of charge to prevent the player base from becoming fractured.”

This is definitely a surprising change of pace from a flagship developer such as Guerrilla and will no doubt put pressure on similar big name developers to follow suit. Could we see the DLC market on consoles go the route of Valve/Steam? They have provided free DLC content for popular titles such as L4D in the past.

The blogpost also contained details on the multiplayer element of the game, which will contain features from the singleplayer, such as the new sliding mechanic and melee combat system, and, of course, those ever popular cover systems.

Along with this, there will 22 different weapons, all available for everyone to use from the get go. No unlockable exclusives here! ( that falls to the 19 unlockable attachments, which feature your regular ream of unlockables such as scopes and different ammo types.)


The Multiplayer characters themselves fall into 3 different classes, which will then be enhanced by the player choosing 2 of 12 different available unique abilities. Also expect to see the return of ‘Warzones’ now packed with even more features for customisations.

Last but not least, ‘Combat Honors’ is a new feature that can be activated, offering your player temporary bonuses in game until the match is over.

The game will release at the launch of the PlayStation 4 on November the 29th. Be sure to check back to Expansive DLC for our final verdict on the multiplayer DLC, as to whether being free makes it any better?

For full details on the Multiplayer, head on over to the blog-post yourselves.