September 2013


Eurogamer 2013: Rad Boarding

When Temple Run charged onto iOS back in 2011 the endless runner spawned a new legion of fans as we busied our commutes jumping and power sliding through the rubble.  A few years later we were treated to a hotly anticipated sequel, but like the plethora of clones that popped…


Thief: The Bank Heist Pre-Order DLC

To be honest much of what we’ve seen from Square Enix’s addition to the long running Thief series has involved much, well thievery.  From most promotional shots and trailers that have been issued thus far we’ve been treated to our supposed thief, skulking in the shadows in order to break…

Free to Play

Magicka Wizard Wars: Hands On

Armed with all the elemental knowledge I had gleaned from years of raising Pokemon, I spawn with the utmost confidence- I mean how hard can a game based on rock paper scissor-esque elemental battles really be? I stroll over to my opponent, and zap him with a well timed water…


Free Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity.

Available as of  today, Disney has released, rather generously, five new toy boxes for it’s Skylanders clone, Disney Infinity as free DLC. The five new toy boxes are, as follows, with more free DLC toy boxes planned for future releases. Tron Highway – Race a Light Runner, battle enemies, navigate mazes…

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