Knights of Valour gets two themed DLC packs for Xiao Qiao and Guan Yu

Arcade Beat-Em-Up Knights of Valour from Games in Flames has two new pieces of DLC available – The Enchanting Serpent Pack and Queen of Heart Pack.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can pick up Xiao Qiao’s Queen of Heart Pack for £8.99, giving you three suitably themed costumes for the occasion.

In addition, the DLC gives you three Skill Scrolls that let you upgrade her Skill Point by 2 and a Hero’s Spirit with x1 Advanced Material needed to rank up your character.

Meanwhile Guan Yu’s Enchanting Serpent Pack costs a little more at £9.49 and gives you a unique green, snake-skinned costume for the enchantress, while also giving her the same amount of Skill Scrolls and Hero Spirit.

Guan Yu will also get 3 Dragon Horn Tablets for the benefit of the extra cost which restore full HP and Stamina. Both content packs also get 3 Musk Invigorators which remove debuffs and restore HP to you and your allies.

The DLC packs are available now and once purchased and downloaded, need to be claimed from Knights of Valour’s in-game Mailbox.

They follow Wang Yi’s Growing Pack, Zhao Yun’s Thunderbolt Pack and Sun S.Xiang’s Imp Whisper Pack.


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