Piranha Plant DLC is being sold on ebay for more than double the price

With the free Piranha Plant DLC offer for Super Smash Bros Ultimate recently coming to an end, ebay sellers have been taking advantage.

Our friends at Nintendo Soup have picked up a story which shows ebayers selling Piranha Plant DLC codes for as much as $27.99! The content now sells on the Nintendo eShop for $4.99.

It appears this reached its peak just two days before the offer ended, seeing people buy the content from $19.99, to as much as $27.95!

While many sellers seem to emanate from the USA, there are also sellers from Chile, Spain, and Saudi Arabia offering you the chance to get a DLC code which can be ‘shipped immediately’. Even more distressing is that some of these sellers have perfect 100% feedback ratings and are knowingly trying to overcharge people.

Nintendo’s messaging has been clear about the Piranha Plant DLC, in that it would be available to buy from February 1st once the timed exclusivity for early Super Smash Bros Ultimate adopters ended.

TL;DR – Please don’t buy Piranha Plant from ebay sellers. They’re knowingly ripping you off, and you can legitimately buy it from the eShop for a whole lot cheaper. Do that instead.

(Source Nintendo Soup)

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