Mafia 3 gets DLC roadmap

A full DLC roadmap has been released for Mafia which sees expansions release for the game through July 2o17.

Three full story expansions will release this year, beginning next month with ‘Faster Baby!’

Then in May we get ‘Stones Unturned’. Finally, ‘Sign of the Times’ in July.

The game has already seen some outfit and weapon DLC which changes up the aesthetic of the game, but the story finally continues in 2017, covered by the games’ Season Pass.

Faster Baby! is expected at the end of March 2017 and is focused on fast cars and chases, as well as epic stunt driving. Lincoln will join forces with Roxy Laveau –  a sister in arms – to take down a corrup Sheriff terrorizing civil rights. There’s apparently going to be a real focus on story and also shows a new area of New Bordeaux as well as introduces new mechanics.

When we get to  May, Stones Unturned pits Lincoln against a merciless rival, forcing him to team up with CIA operative John Donovan.

And Sign of the Times is centered around a series of ritualistic killings which Lincoln investigates at the request of Father James.

All of these sound pretty different and interesting and we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled on what’s next.

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