Everspace 2 Armed and Dangerous DLC adds new perks and modifiers, major expansion due 2024

Everspace 2 is a hit on consoles, with over a million players on Game Pass and ROCKFISH are celebrating with more content.

In a new free update out today, entitled Armed and Dangerous, there’s new set items, perks, equipment modifiers, as well as some community-requested features.

You can also now enjoy some updated music and customisation options.

But that’s not all. ROCKFISH Games have provided a roadmap of content leading into the Spring of 2024 and it is headlined by a new expansion which adds ‘new star systems, additional story content, and even more loot’.

Next year you’ll also see new legendaries, revamped endgame content, and front and engine ship modules in a free update called Incursions.

Everspace 2 and the first major free content update ‘Armed & Dangerous’ is out now.
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