Magicka is now two and celebrates with new content

Magicka is two years old, and to celebrate, we’re allowed to take a tour of Free Jolnir’s Workshop.

After selling 1.8 million copies, Magicka has proven itself quite a hit.

Now, with this new piece of free content, players will enter the workshop and must liberate it from the glutches of slimy green goblins.

Jolnir, the Crimson King, let his guard down after a hectic holiday season, and due to that his workshop has now been overrun. He now needs the help of the wizards to restore his shop to its former glory.

The content features new monsters, such as Goblin Snow Troopers and Autonmous Cannons. Menawhile, the wizards will have to take cover behind large stacks of presents and packages.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played Magicka before, though. The game will also be free to play all weekend.

(Source: Paradox Interactive)


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