Mass Effect Citadel DLC detailed by Bioware

The developers of upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC, Citadel, have put together a fact sheet of details for the release.

We’ll list some of the highlights here. Please note there are some Mass Effect 3 story spoilers here, so please be aware when going further into the post.

Urdnot Wrex has been confirmed to be a part of the DLC, though Bioware wouldn’t offer any further details as to who else will feature. They did say, however, that characters can only be met in the DLC once they’ve been interacted with in the main Mass Effect 3 campaign.

Bioware say there is no right or wrong way to play Citadel once unlocked. If you decide to play Citadel prior to finishing the game, then the content will naturally unlock as you complete portions of Mass Effect 3. Citadel can be played any time after stopping the Cerberus coup attempt on the Citadel or before beginning your attack on Cronos Station.

Citadel will not affect the ending of Mass Effect 3, other than enabling players to add new war assets to increase Galactic Readiness. The development team did admit, however, that there is a natural ‘stopping point’ making it clear where the DLC content ends and players can return to the main game.

The other nugget of info is that the Xbox 360 version is being split into seperate downloads. Here’s the reason why…

For Xbox 360 users, the Citadel DLC pack will come as 2 downloads on Xbox Live. ME3 Citadel is larger than our previous DLC packs, so it had to be split into 2 downloads. The first pack is priced at $14.99 and the second pack is tagged as free. Players need to purchase and download pack 1, then download pack 2 at no additional cost.

You can download pack 2 without purchasing pack one, but the DLC will not work. You will get an error message in game asking you to download pack 1. It will say “This DLC will only work in conjunction with Part 1 of Mass Effect™ 3: Citadel, which is split across 2 downloadable packages. Please purchase Part 1 prior to downloading Part 2 at no additional cost.” This will not hurt your saved game but you will not be able to launch Citadel until you have both packs.

Citadel for the PC and PS3 remains one pack

Citadel launches March 5th

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