Pixel Gear – Video Review

Pixel Gear is a bit good and a bit bad.

Good because it has a neat Minecraft aesthetic look and some of the best aiming in a shooter for PSVR right now.

Bad because it’s all quite sparse, limited, and slow.

The game has 6 levels total with bosses at the end ready for an epic showdown. You can upgrade weapons, and gather powerups to slow down time and even stop it completely.


Unfortunately, the enemy variety is quite limited and repetition does hit quite fast. You can switch things out with new weapons like machine guns and shotguns, upgrading them as you go, but there are only so many ghouls and skeletons you can pop before you’re breathing out the deep sighs.

Still, it’s quite relaxing and a nice stop-gap game between other releases. Easily the best so far by Oasis Games.

It’s just hard to shake the feeling of the game being a conceptual, work in progress package. Especially considering there’s no real global leaderboards, or further opportunities time trials for you to play around with by your lonesome. You can’t even use two move controllers for double guns akimbo action and all that really limits the enjoyment you can get out of this. Although, timing headshots and gaining combos can be quite satisfying though.


The price point is ok – but there are much better experiences out there around the same amount – and there’s no real sense of replayability. You’re liable to just play in blasts as it does become a bit mindless and nonsensical.

Pixel Gear is proof that shooters can work well in VR, but it’s not a showcase title for that and is unlikely to totally convince naysayers of the possibilities either. That said, developers should take note of how well certain aspects  have been accomplished and use them to craft finer experiences going forward.

+ Some of the best accuracy and aiming for a shooter on PSVR
+ Cute visual style
+ Decent boss battles

– Very limited package for the price point
– Repetitive with not much enemy and landscape variety
– No global leaderboards, co-op, or additional options.


6 out of 10

Platform review on :- PS4

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