XCOM 2 adds controller support on PC

Not that long ago, the prospect of XCOM 2 on consoles seemed like a pipedream. It was built as a PC exclusive, consigned to both mouse and keyboard users with no controller support in sight. It’s a technical beast, heavy on disc space, and seemed too hot for any current-gen platform to handle.

Well, those days are gone, and to celebrate there’s now plug and play support for controllers in a brand new update for PC owners. Simply plug in an Xbox One or Xbox 360 pad and you can dive straight into the action. Dualshock 4 isn’t quite so straightforward, though, so you’ll probably need to grab DS4Windows or another similar program.

The update also unlocks the games’ camera which enables you to explore the Avenger from a first person perspective. You just need to use the controller and can see the ship as your soldiers do. You can even climb into a soldier’s bunk to learn a bit about them. Watch the below video and find out how.

Check out the patch notes in full

  • Adds traditional (non-Steam Controller) controller support to the PC
  • Fix config/upk file issues that prevent full conversion mods from being possible on the Steam Workshop and also allow mods to have Bink files.
  • In Alien Hunters, the “Ruler Reaction” notification will stay on the screen after a unit fires at the Archon King while he is using Icarus Drop during combat.
  • SPARKS cannot be healed by Medikits
  • Additional minor bug fixes
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