Prey Twitter teases forthcoming announcement

Prey might finally be about to get some long-awaited DLC as the Twitter account teases something new.

In recent weeks, the account’s activity has been focused on nominations for awards, how people played the game and creating polls for favourite Neuromods. But in the last hour they’ve completely gone off the script with this…

Not only is there a GIF here with what seems to be new footage, but there’s a leading question which is just begging for an answer. Like, how are we getting to the moon?

The tease comes just hours after Bethesda revealed they will once again be at E3 this year for one of their – now traditional – conferences. I guess they’re going to need something to talk about and more Prey definitely seems like a thing which makes sense.


Prior to launch there was a promise of game DLC, though considering Prey launched in May of last year, things have been very quiet on that front ever since. A rumored Survival Mode expansion has apparently been in development for a very long time, though this feels like something bigger.

Prey is a massively underrated gem from Bethesda’s library so it’s great to see some activity again as this is a game which deserves a second (or if you want to get technical, third) chance.

Why should it? Read our review to find out why.

Of course, this could be a sequel which, in many ways would be a bigger surprise considering how the game performed. It could even be a Switch port as Bethesda seem all in on Nintendo’s new hardware.

Whatever is going on, we’re surely going to find out more over the next few months and will let you know when we do.

Let the speculation commence!

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