Final Fantasy VII Remake will remain a PS4 Exclusive until April 10 2021

As uncovered by Siliconera, new box art has been revealed for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

With the game’s release now coming on April 10th, Square Enix have revealed that the timed exclusivity for the remake will now end April 10, 2021.

This sticks to Square Enix’s pledge to keep the remake platform exclusive for a full year.

At present, we don’t know which / if any platforms Final Fantasy VII Remake will appear on once the excluisve ends. It’s interesting to note that at that time we’ll have at least two new generation systems so it could end up launching for those systems.

A safe bet is to assume there will be a PC version. Switch is a whole other story.

Another interesting point to note is that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be split into at least two parts as this first release just focuses on Midgar. One would assume the full game will hit PS4 before it releases anywhere else, but we don’t know that for sure.

Either way, we now know Final Fantasy VII Remake will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 for a full year from April 10th. If you can’t wait till then, though, read our preview to see what to expect.

(Source Siliconera)

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