The Last of Us 1.08 Pro Patch draws controversy

Naughty Dog have issued a new PS4 Pro patch for The Last Of Us Remastered and it’s divided a lot of people.

The update includes numerous bug fixes and optimizations that are said to ensure consistency and high level performance for PS4 Pro. It is also said to run natively at 1080p on PS4 Pro with standard high-definition display, as well as provide high-quality shadows in high-framerate mode.

However, users on NeoGAF and Reddit are suggesting the game looks worse as they’ve removed supersampling from 18oop making the image quality appear more jagged. There is also apparently no downsampling at 30fps.

It seems ND have made the drop from 1800p to 1080p because there were some performance dips by 1-2 frames, which spurred a ton of complaints. The problem is, they’ve not given players the choice in-game to maintain the minor performance problems with the previous setting if they were actually ok with it.

According to some reports, though, it seems as if 1800p remains the same on 4k sets with minor drops, and this update only applies to PS4 Pro owners using 1080p TV sets.

Sadly, this isn’t the first controversial PS4 Pro update since the launch of Sony’s new hardware, but we also know many games run that much better with all the latest updates.

Have you been playing TLOU on PS4Pro? Let us know your thoughts.


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