Project X Zone 2 Coming Out This Year

The sequel to the original Project X Zone has been officially confirmed and it’s coming out a lot sooner than expected.

Project X Zone is a collaboration between three of Japan’s biggest game companies: Sega, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Capcom. The game brought characters together from different games that belong to all three companies and was well received. Obviously, it has sold well enough to warrant a sequel.

This sequel brings back characters that were in the original, such as ones from Virtua Fighter and Resident Evil.

It also sees the appearance of a few new ones that should please fans. So far on the Sega side, the likes of Yakuza characters, Kage from Virtua Fighter and Shinobi have been revealed. Popular characters from Resident Evil 6 like Leo are also making an appearance.

It’s certainly only the beginning with more characters being revealed as the release date gets closer.

Project X Zone 2 is coming out this Autumn 2015 exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.