Rocket Riot 3D: DLC Announced

Rocket Riot 3D’s first piece of DLC is incoming and we have screenshots.

Rocket Riot 3D is a popular Windows 8 title. Fans of the game will be pleased to know new DLC has been announced and will not only add new maps to the game but also new boss fights, visual effects, characters and stories. Currently, only four maps have been announced to the public, three of which have screenshots.

Here is a full breakdown of each map:

  • Arts and Crafts

Get sucked into the artistic realm and find out that art isn’t boring! It’s classic. It’s surreal. It’s abstract. It’s a feast for the eyes! But most of all…it’s super explosive!




  • Bananamania

Finally, the mystery behind the infamous Banana Man is revealed! Guide him on his quest through lands near and far and shoot your way to the truth behind his bazooka rage. It’s bananas!

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  • Movie Madness

Movie-style mayhem. Traverse fairy tale lands, explore levels like a film noir detective, and end up in a dueling frenzy in the Wild West. Ready your rockets; this is going to be one crazy ride!

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  • The Pixel Continuum

This time you’ve really done it: your explosive temper has seriously messed up the time-space continuum. The only way to straighten out this temporal mess? Blow up historical time periods that are supposed to be extinct…Because some things never change.

There is no release date for the DLC but we will be keeping an eye out for an official announcement. For now, go get some practice in and satisfy your rioting needs.

(Source: True Achievements)

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