Soul Sacrifice exclusive DLC and Japanese voice acting.

Soul Sacrifice is nearly upon us and will bring a wealth of pre-order bonuses and goodies along with it.

With the official release date being April 30th, 2013, Vita owners don’t have long to take advantage of the bonuses that follow:

  • Japanese Voice Acting – If you pre-order this, it will be available instantly. If you don’t pre-order, you will eventually have to pay for it if you wish to own it. 
  • Three Extra items – Spirits’ Blightstone, Spirits’ Flamepike and the Spirits’ Fulgurwood – No word on if these items are single, or multi use, but it is nice to be guaranteed spells for poison, fire and thunder, right? These items will basically be sacrificed within the game , granting you three new spells for the character you are using.
  • Two Extra costumes – Nothing more has been said on these costumes other than there is one male and one female variant

So, just for pre-ordering you get all of that? Sounds like a good deal to us.


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