Ratchet & Clank are set to get a big software update shortly for their latest adventure.

Full Frontal Assault will be receiving the 1.04 in some territories very soon.

Here’s the details..

  • Coordinates for Planet Kerwan have been added, enjoy facing off against other players in the classic Ratchet & Clank city of Metropolis.
  • GrummelNet has modified several weapons and defenses in response to user feedback.
    • Universal
      • The Warmonger’s rockets have been reduced from five to three.
      • Turrets purchased at your base have been reinforced slightly.
      • The Melee Perk had its damage increased slightly.
      • Thundersmacks are no longer as resilient against attacks.
      • Cadets can now only carry two Dopplebangers at the start of a match.
      • Dopplebangers are now more susceptible to damage.
      • The Electro Barricade can no longer withstand as much damage as the Heavy Barricade.
    • Planet Ebaro
      • A Missile Minion has been spotted around node seven. Proceed with caution when landing on the planet.
      • The Grungarian Soldiers have had a shift change with some Grungarian Brawlers around node one.
  • QForce deserters have had their penalty greatly increased. (If you’re losing and don’t want to incur the big penalty use the Surrender option)
  • Cadets are now notified when they have been penalized.
  • Cadets remaining in the game after a cadet has deserted the match are given a win or loss depending on the current state of the match.
  • Due to interference from solar flares opposing cadet ratings have been hidden in the character select screen of the lobby.
  • You can no longer purchase perks for options that have been turned off in Custom games.
  • Custom Game Screen clarity has been improved.
  • Several stability improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

No word on a release date yet, but we imagine it’ll be within the next week or so.

Anything here you’re glad to see?