Pikmin 3 Gameplay

Pikmin 3 gameplay supports the familiar combo of the Wii Remote/Nun-chuk. Its also compatible with the Pro Controller.

However, the game really comes to life when using the Wii U GamePad.

Pikmin 3 plays the same way as before when using the Wii Remote. In actuality,using the Wii Remote for the guide is a lot easier, more responsive and has improved accuracy compared to using the GamePad.

The Pro Controller also works really well with the game and will be familiar to anyone who played the original titles on the Gamecube way back when.

The Wii U GamePad, however, is a game-changer. Camera control is handled with the right stick and the crew can be moved around using the left. New here is the ability to set your Pikmin charging. Hover over a target and a tap of the button will send every available Pikmin in that direction. Players can also shake the Wii U GamePad and the Gyrometer will arrange the Pikmin armies into their respective colours.

The gameplay is also fundamentally changed by the use of the second screen. Here players can access a constantly developing map, an information hub, a fruit hub, Pikminology and a camera.

The game is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Full of infectious charm and challenging scenarios. Here, however, there is a greater emphasis on story and, in particular, big boss battles. Pikmin has been known for them before, sure, but this time players will really need to understand exactly what each type of Pikmin can do and how important each will be to bringing down a foe.

For instance, one boss hates the light, so it’s your job to assemble the yellow Pikmin and have them charge unpowered units to light the light. Once weakened, other Pikmin can then join in the fray. There’s a real dungeon-esque, almost Zelda-like quality to Pikmin 3 and the boss battles certianly break up those areas quite nicely.

One issue I have with using the GamePad is that the aiming reticule isn’t up to scratch. When trying to aim when on the move, the cursor always stays too close to the body and doesn’t reach out a far enough distance. Only on the GamePad and Pro Controller does this present an issue. Confusingly, the Wii Remote seems the most effective means of control.

Pikmin 3 is an absolute pleasure to play. It’s addictive and fulfilling, but also happens to be the most thrilling Wii U adventure to date.

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