World of Warcraft 7.2 will add a new raid, PVP brawls and much more

It’s a busy time for World of Warcraft – the twelve year old MMO that doesn’t seem to be running out of steam anytime soon.

While we’ve already told you what’s happening in 7.1.5, at BlizzCon Blizzard also gave us some insight into 7.2 which will add more to The Broken Shore Questline as well as more invasions.

The Armies of Legionfall are going to come together to wage a new assault on The Broken Shore using a new base-building system where you can fortify structures which add bonuses and rewards.

There will also be targets of opportunity popping up which players can charge once they’ve completed a series of objectives.

You’ve also got a brand new raid once you’ve beaten the questline called Tomb of Sargeras. This is going to have nine bosses which ends with a showdown with Kil’Jaeden.


As if that’s not enough, a brand new dungeon will also be added. Cathedral of the Eternal Night is going to have four bosses and actually takes place above the raid. You can, of course, have heroic and mythic difficulties, and there will be appropriately scaled gear on offer.

Epic mounts will also be introduced, specific to the classes, but The Broken Shore storyline must be completed first. You’ll also be able to get flying mounts for the first time, though it’s apparently going to take a lot of work.


Then there’s PVP Brawls which is going to be very experimental with various different brawl types added overtime. Whether it’s environmental changes or massive skirmishes, it is intended to be a very flexible battle option and let’s Blizzard see what works and what doesn’t. Sounds interesting!

Oh, and we can also expect to visit an entirely new planet during the Legion storyline whether it comes in 7.2 or later still. Players will get to explore Argus, homeworld of Eredar introduced to us in The Burning Crusade. Exciting times.

7.2 is expected around Spring 2017 and is certainly shaping up to be a fulfilling update with plenty to give.

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