5 Scariest Games To Play This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner so we’re getting into the spirit by looking at some of the scariest games this year.

If you fancy putting the shivers down your spine and getting some goosebumps on the back of your neck, then turn out the lights and dare to play one of these five games.

Resident Evil 2

One of the first games of 2019 is also one of its best. A remake of Capcom classic, Resident Evil 2, is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and is one of the scariest games you can play this Halloween season. As either Clare Redfield or Leon Kennedy, you must escape from Raccoon City, venturing into a seemingly deserted police station to find out what’s become of its force. With zombies pouring out of the walls, fiendish puzzles to solve, and a brooding, intimidating force stomping around ready to crush you with its bare hands, there is no tension quite like playing RE2 in the dark.

It should go without saying, but Resident Evil 2 is a must-have this Halloween. And with the other RE games just appearing on all formats – including Switch – you’ve got an entire back catalogue to keep you busy!


It’s another PS1 remake, but this one is slightly different. MediEvil pits you in the armor of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a long-revered hero who has been accidentally reincarnated 100 years later by his arch nemesis, Zarok. As a skeleton without an eye and jaw, Sir Dan now hacks and slashes his way through all manner of creepies and crawlies in Gallowmere. His goal? To once again confront the diabolical wizard, Zarok, and become the hero he was always destined to be.

MediEvil brings the scares while also giving the fun in this remastering of a 3D platforming classic.

Blair Witch

Bloober Team are quickly making a name for themselves as masters of horror and their most recent take on Blair Witch goes a long way to solidifying that. Set two years after the ’99 The Blair Witch Project film, you play as Ellis Lynch as he goes in search of young Peter Shannon in the Black Hills Forest. With your trusty pal, Bullet, at your side, you’ll have to face your fears in the most terrifying ways imaginable.

This game really captures the spirit of what made the original film a cult classic, and its final third is as unsettling as anything else we’ve played this year. You can grab it now if you have Xbox Game Pass. Blair Witch is also on PC and PS4.

Luigi’s Mansion 3


Luigi once again stars in his own game and it’s the third instalment of one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises’, Luigi’s Mansion. Out just in time for Halloween, Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes players to a spooky hotel through a rather suspicious invite. While Luigi is enjoying the comforts of his room, Mario, Peach and the Toads unexpectedly go missing and it’s down to Luigi, E.Gadd, Gooigi, and Polterpup to save the day from all manner of ghosts and ghouls.

More open-ended than previous games, Luigi’s Mansion 3 still maintains the same classic gameplay, plus there’s a new multiplayer mode – ScreamPark – which puts you in a team deathmatch scenario where you have to vacuum up as many ghosts as you can. ScareScraper mode also returns, meaning you can enjoy the scares with friends as well as play the game on its own. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a Switch exclusive out October 31st.

Close to the Sun

Newcomers Storm in a Teacup are bringing their Bioshock-inspired horror game, Close to the Sun to consoles just in time for Halloween. As an investigative journalist, Rose Archer, you venture through an alternate timeline that sees the creations of Nikola Tesla come to life.

With psychotic killers on the loose, big budget acting driving the narrative, and a striking visual aesthetic pulling everything together, Close to the Sun will keep you on your toes as it draws you deeper into its complex and fascinating world.

Close to the Sun is now available on all formats.

Did we miss your favourite? Got any other recommendations for us? Sound out below…

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