Ace Combat 7 now lets you buy its pre-order DLC as standalone

Ace Combat 7’s DLC content previously only available for pre-orders is now available as a standalone purchase.

You can now add the F-4E Phantom II as a playable aircraft in the game, along with 3 Aircraft Skins.

The F-4E Phantom II DLC is a large, carrier-based fighter which is used as an interceptor. This E-Type is used by the Air Force and many different nations for its versatility and capability.

In addition, you can customize your Aircraft with a Yellow SU-37: Yellow 13 skin for the Su-37 Terminator.

The F-14D Super Tomcat can get a new lick of pain with the Razgriz Squadron skin, and the F-15C Eagle can look better than ever with the F-15C: Pixy skin.

The DLC pack goes for £2.49 and is available to buy right now. It also comes as part of the Ace Combat 7 Season Pass for £19.99

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