Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets first major DLC pack Pathogen on August 30

Aliens: Fireteam Elite has proven to be a quiet success story for the franchise and now it’s getting some new content.

Revealed during the IGN Expo, on August 30 a premium DLC pack – Pathogen – will release for the co-op shooter.

This will include new Xenomorph forms and a ton of new equipment for your party as part of a brand new campaign that includes three new missions where, this time, the crew set off to LV-895 uncovering some horrific secrets about the planet’s lifeforms.

Through Pathogen, you’ll get access to 8 new weapons, 26 attachments and a new perk for each class, as well as new outfits and emotes.

Pathogen will be a premium expansion and will also be accompanied by a free update that adds Hardcore difficulty.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Pathogen releases August 30 across all platforms.
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